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System analysis is extremely significant and needs expert analysts that can unite the software and hardware and proficiently communicate on different levels. At SoftTech Software, we have a team of analysts, who can perform critical tasks for you. We also assist on projects where you want our expert analyst to consult on your project.

At SoftTech Software, the team of analysts undertakes a detailed study of the requirement, keeping in mind the solution that the customer wants to build. SSAD (Structured Systems Analysis and Design) phase is the most critical phase in the development lifecycle. At SoftTech Software, our focus is to ensure that the requirement is analyzed with absolute clarity and thorough understanding

Requirement Analysis Services

For any new venture, the process of requirement analysis is extremely important. It applies to the new system integration also. Whereas planning to associate new software in the business cycle needs complete engineering requirement for determining user’s present as well as future expectations from system. At SoftTech Software assist on projects where you want our expert analyst for you project but development you may want to bring elsewhere.

Feasibility study is normally done to evaluate any project’s practicality. The study includes total analysis of any project, its outcome at various levels with obstacles, which can be there in way of its triumph. The study points out whether or not to continue with the planned venture. It is very conservative study and the businesses want to condemn it because of the cost found in terms of the time and resources. Nevertheless; neglecting such a decisive step can result into risk of corporate failure. Then why not transfer the task to pros.

Alternately, if you do not have an existing web presence, we can build a full-fledged web application that will beautifully platform your products and services on the web while controlling the power and reliability of your existing software or database. This web integration services support to both the existing software operations within daily business operations and whenever the operations get stuck into functionality.

At SoftTech Software,we can assist you to perform a feasibility study to your new project in the cost-effective manner.

Prototype Design Services

SoftTech Software provides prototype design services in different applications. Prototype design will provide better understanding of the project.

SoftTech Software has mastered the art of prototyping the website/software models. Our team is well-experienced in working for different industries. We have established that we are qualitative, time- friendly and budget-friendly to our clients. Many of our clients take advantage of our prototype design expertise while developing applications in-house.

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SoftTech Software is a young budding IT Consulting and Software Development company created by energetic people.Every member of this team is experienced in their specific domains.

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